Christian Science in Finland

Anna Behse (1877-1974) became acquainted with Christian Science in 1919 when she was studying singing in Germany. Subsequently she started to study the Bible in Finland. Christian Science church activities commenced when two other people joined her about ten years later. For the rest of her life Anna Behse devoted herself to helping people by praying for them. She was the first officially registered Christian Science practitioner in Finland.

The Christian Science Society (Kristillisen Tieteen Yhdistys – Kristen Vetenskaps Samfund) was founded in Helsinki in 1955 and was formally registered in the Register of Associations in 1975.

The Society operates in Helsinki, where it has a Church, a Sunday School and a Reading Room. Church Services and Sunday School are held on Sundays, and Testimony Meetings are held on Wednesdays. Some lectures are arranged for the public. There is unofficial activity in some other locations, and students of Christian Science are found all over Finland.

The Finnish translation of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (Tiede ja terveys sekä avain Raamattuun) by Mary Baker Eddy was published in 1987. Sometimes a religious article in Finnish is printed in the international version of The Christian Science Monitor. A small magazine Christian Science Viestin appears in Finnish online.